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Making a perfect espresso is a life philosophy for Quarta Caffè.

“Thanks to the moka coffee machine that releases this taste of intimacy, Quarta Caffè can enter the homes of consumers who can taste the different blends at any time of the day”.


Smooth and round taste like real espresso.

Quarta Caffè pays tribute to the land of Salento and its maximum artistic expression, dedicating to it a new blend, a triumph of aromas and flavors that conquers the palate with a selection of precious coffee varieties of Arabica origin.

Ideal for those who love coffee with a complex structure and a delicate and smooth aftertaste.


Full and well-formed perfume, ideal for sophisticated and demanding consumers.

The Avio blend is the historical symbol of Quarta Caffè.

Its secret lies in the perfect balance between the most valuable Arabica varieties. A careful selection of green coffee beans, expertly roasted and blended, offering its unmistakable aroma and intense exclusive taste.


Strong and defining flavor perfect for every moment of the day.

Rossa quality is a classic of the Salento tradition. Its transparent packaging was created in the 1960s by Quarta Caffe for the customers of the old workshops who liked to see the color of this coffee blend.

Therefore, La Rossa transparently reveals its spirit to all connoisseurs. A very successful blend that represents the perfect balance between high-quality Arabica and Robusta origins.